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One Orange Feather's approach to Web development is based on an understanding of the client's business, customers, strategy, competitors, partners and culture.  To maximize our ability to assist clients in achieving their marketing goals via the web, we provide services exclusively in our areas of expertise - trade associations, government contractors and non-profits.

Our design process takes into account key audiences, business strategies, internal constituencies, market forces and technical issues to produce a web site that advances our client's mission.  Our process has been developed and optimized through experience in developing dozens of web sites, from small to complex.

Before you Engage in a Web Design Project, Ask...

» What is the goal of the Web site?

» How does this goal relate to the corporate mission and strategy?

» What are the business objectives? (messaging, branding, sales)

» What are the core audiences for the site?

» What kind of site do you have?

» How do visitors use the current site?

» What is working and what isn’t?

» What do you want people to do once they are there?

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