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One Orange Feather's Strategic Planning Services


Strategic Planning


Strategic planning provides a longer-term yardstick to measure operational goals and initiatives. We provide strategic planning services for senior executives and the Boards of Directors at trade associations, technology companies, and government contractors.  Strategic planning activities typically include:

» Competitive Positioning

» Environmental Analysis

» Organization Assets and Strengths

» Strategic Goals

» Gap Analysis

»  Vision

Strategic Planning Facilitation


Strategic planning, particularly at associations, often takes place in a collaborative environment between association executives and the board of directors.  For these collaborations to result in a clear, actionable strategy, care must be taken to prepare the groundwork for the meetings, and to positively guide the discussions for optimal impact.  Our consultants have proven that they have the knowledge, organizational skills, and interpersonal and mediation skills for this demanding project.  Strategic Planning Facilitation services often include:

» Market Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

» Event Planning

» Event Mediation

» Meeting Documentation

» Management Follow-Up


Operational Goal Setting


Once the strategic goals are set, organizations must operationalize strategy to ensure the entity moves toward the vision over time.  One Orange Feather's consultants have been on every side of this process, on the board of directors, as President and CEO, and as advisor to management.  We understand how to link strategy to operations and how to measure results.  Some aspects of managing operational goals include:

» Review Vision, Strategy, and Gap Analysis

» Identify Strategic and Supporting Operational Goals

» Assess Resource Requirements

» Identify Champions and Owners

» Align Compensation and Goals

» Identify Goal Metrics

» Implement Goal and Metric Tracking


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