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The Trade Association Mobile Apps Market Estimated to Reach $800 Million By 2015


 Contact: Andrew Roscoe, Managing Partner., 703-224-8263

July 22, 2012 – Twenty-two percent of 250 associations surveyed by One Orange Feather Inc. supported a mobile application at mid-year 2012, with associations with annual budgets between $25 million and $100 million constituting the largest market for mobile apps.

2012: Benchmarks and Practices,” it found that associations are still in the early stages of mobile application (mobile apps) adoption. Only a minority of associations currently are using mobile apps, although that number will grow dramatically in the next few years.

“Through surveys, statistical analysis, case studies on association’s using mobile apps and interviews with leading application developers, the white paper documents the current status of mobile app adoption and the most popular applications in use,” said Andrea Bona, managing director, One Orange Feather.

Some of the white paper’s findings:

• The average number of mobile apps among associations increases with an association’s annual budget levels. Fifty-seven percent of associations with budgets of more than $100 million use mobile apps, while less than 10 percent of associations with budgets under $5 million employ mobile apps.

• The leading association industries with mobile apps are finance, telecom/e-data and real estate. Associations in the medical/health industry are expected to be leading adopters as well.
• The most common function for association mobile apps is support for meetings and conventions, which accounts for 41 percent of all association mobile apps. Other major mobile app functions include publications, news and association information, and industry-specific applications.

“The28 page white paper is the go to resource to identify vendor business models and likely investment levels and the benefits of the investment in mobile apps,” said Andrew Roscoe, managing partner, One Orange Feather.

If you are interested in downloading “U.S. Associations’ Use of Mobile Applications 2012: Benchmarks and Practices,” click here.


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