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Nearly One-Half of Associations Deploy Micro Web Sites

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 Contact: Andrea Knotts Bona, Managing Partner. 
andreabona@oneorangefeather.com, 703-408-0976

May 8, 2012 - Nearly one-half of U.S. associations have deployed micro Web sites (micro sites) to promote sub brands. These micro sites are most commonly used to promote meetings and conventions, as well as support products, services and programs.

More large associations deploy micro sites than small associations. The complexity of large associations and the more abundant resources available to support sub brands drives micro site deployment in these large associations, according to Sub Brands and Micro Web Site Use by US Associations 2012: Benchmarks and Best Practices, a new white paper by the marketing and management consultancy One Orange Feather, Inc.

One Orange Feather undertook a detailed study of more than 250 associations in the first quarter of 2012, to determine their use of sub brands and micro sites. The firm also compiled a number of case studies on how and why a variety of associations developed micro sites to enhance their operations. Major findings include:

» 47 percent of our sample and 49 percent of U.S. associations with annual budgets greater than $1 million deployed at least one micro site to support the association’s mission.

» Micro site deployment rates increase with association annual budget levels, reflecting the more complex business models and available resources of larger associations.

» The Finance, Real Estate, and Energy/Power industries were the most intensive users of micro sites, with deployment rates ranging from 58 to 67 percent.

» More than half of all deployed micro sites supported meetings/conventions or association programs. Other popular uses of micro sites were for association stores, affiliate promotions and educational sites.

Sub-Brands and Micro Web Site Use by U.S. Associations 2012: Benchmarks and Best Practices is available for download at One Orange Feather's Web site. The white paper also examines common challenges in deploying micro sites and the link between the sub and parent brand.


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